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Electrical Cable Warning Tape

Buried electrical cable warning tapeElectrical cable warning tape: protects buried cables. When the cable is buried directly, cover it with warning tape along the cable. When there is excavation on the ground, it can play a warning role.

Electrical warning tape is used for identification, location and protection of the electrical appliances.Also, this tape can be used in various places related to warning them for any electrical appliance. These tapes are non-delectable, scratch-proof and UV safe. Along with it, they are also made from printing accessible LDPE and resists degradation from acid and alkali found in soils.

Electrical cable warning tape specification:

– Width : Good Quality Underground Electrical Cable Warning Tape is 150 mm and also available as per client requirement.
– Thickness : 125 micron to 1 mm
– Material : LDPE
– Marking : Custom marking will be available as per client requirement.
– Length : 500 meter/roll and depend on the client requirement.
– Packing: Polybag or individual color box packing

Available in red, yellow and other available colors, this non-adhesive polyethylene (PE) film warning tape is strong, durable, and long lasting.Buried electrical cable warning tapeBuried electrical cable warning tapeBuried electrical cable warning tape

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