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Underground Detectable Warning Tape Marking Tape for water pipeline

  • detectable underground warning tape – caution buried pipeline …

    Detectable Underground Warning Tape – Caution Buried Pipeline …

    Bury Detectable Warning Tape over underground utility lines, gas pipes, communication cables and more to warn excavators and to prevent damage, service interruption or personal injury All tapes are printed on APWA approved colors to meet or exceed industry standards

  • underground warning tape and detectable underground … – msi

    Underground Warning Tape and Detectable Underground … – MSI

    Marking Services Inc. (MSI) offers various options for underground warning tape. Locate buried non-metallic pipes before you dig with MSI detectable underground warning tape. Printed 4.5 mil foil detectable warning tape lets you use any standard metal detector to quickly locate underground services

  • underground marking tapes, utility marking tapes | seton

    Underground Marking Tapes, Utility Marking Tapes | Seton

    Underground Warning Tapes come in non-detectable polyethylene styles or detectable metallic tape that can be located with a metal detector. Utility Marking Tapes are sold by the roll and with a variety of printed messages. All Underground Utility Marking Tapes meet APWA (American Public Works Association).

  • gas line, cathodic & underground pipeline warning tape | reef …

    Gas Line, Cathodic & Underground Pipeline Warning Tape | Reef …

    Locate, identity and protect gas and oil lines from unwanted dig-ins by installing Terra Tape® underground warning tape over your buried gas lines. This underground warning tape will provide continuous protection, alerting workers to stop digging. Terra Tape® is available in detectable as well as non-detectable grades.

  • underground warning tape,underground warning tape …

    Underground Warning Tape,Underground Warning Tape …

    We serve our clients with a qualitative range of Underground Warning Tape including caution buried gas line below, printed warning, caution OFC cable below, caution water pipeline below, danger warning and electrical underground warning tape.

  • underground marking tape –

    Underground Marking Tape –

    It is widely used for marking safe areas underground to avoid any casualties. They are very reflective and visible in very low or dim light situations. These tapes are made of high-quality plastics and available in different sizes, colors, and dimensions.

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